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Criteria: Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Type=In Vitro,Study Subtype=Gene Expression, Protein Activity,Status=Completed Without Publication

Details - Project ID 233
Lab Technical Univ. Aachen, FRG
Study Design  900 MHz (GSM) exposure and c-fos & c-myc expression and DNA mismatch repair in cultured cells
Summary  Exposure of Human Cells to High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Used by Mobile Phones: Effects on Oncogene Transcript Levels and Genetic Stability
Details - Project ID 722
Lab George Washington Univ, Washington D.C., USA
Study Design  840 MHz (MiRS/TDMA PM-11Hz) exposure to fibroblast cells and analysis of cell signaling
Summary  No effects on the expression of EGF-R or other growth factor receptors or ligand binding
Details - Project ID 781
Lab Institute de Recherche en Communication Optique et
Study Design  900 MHz (CW, GSM) exposure to E. coli and analysis of ATP synthetase activity
Summary  Increased ATP and membrane potential at some exposure levels suggesting a "window" effect or an adaptive response at higher exposure levels
Details - Project ID 820
Lab University of Bordeaux, France
Study Design  900 MHz (GSM) exposure to C6 glioma cells and analysis of nitric oxide synthase expression and activity
Summary  No consistent effects in NOS-II expression
Details - Project ID 838
Lab Seoul National University, Korea
Study Design  836.5 MHz, 1.765 GHz (CDMA) exposure to various cells in culture and analysis of gene and protein expression
Summary  No consistent effect on expression of genes involved in proliferation or stress response using gene chip analysis until thermal levels of exposure were applied
Details - Project ID 1104
Lab University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Study Design  900 MHz - 1 GHz exposure of moss and nematodes and analysis of gene expression
Summary  (ongoing)
Details - Project ID 1108
Lab University of California at Riverside, USA
Study Design  836.55 MHz (TDMA) exposure to cultured cells and analysis of enzyme activity
Summary  Decreased ODC in mouse C3H 10T1/2 cells but not glioma cell lines

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