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Criteria: Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Type=In Vitro,Study Subtype=DNA Breaks, Repair, & Mutation,Status=Completed Without Publication

Details - Project ID 48
Lab Stanford Research Inst., USA
Study Design  837 MHz (CDMA, TDMA, CW) exposure to bacteria and cell lines and analysis of mutations
Summary  No increase in reverse mutation frequency
Details - Project ID 53
Lab University of Bochum, FRG
Study Design  900 & 1750 MHz (GSM) exposure to isolated DNA and protein and analysis of damage
Summary  No effects on DNA integrity, mutation rate, viability of bacteriophages, or enzyme activity
Details - Project ID 202
Lab University of Bochum, FRG
Study Design  900 MHz (GSM) exposure to isolated DNA and analysis of strand breaks
Summary  No effects of high SAR exposure for several weeks on plasmid DNA
Details - Project ID 282
Lab Integrated Laboratory Systems, USA
Study Design  837, 1909 MHz (CW, CDMA, TDMA) exposure to human cell lines and bacteria and analysis of DNA damage
Summary  No effects on reverse mutation frequency or clastogenicity
Details - Project ID 340
Lab Univ Benjamin Franklin, Berlin, FRG
Study Design  900, 1800 MHz (GSM), 2450 MHz (CW) exposure to human lymphocytes and cell lines and analysis of DNA breaks, micronuclei formation, and chromosome aberrations
Summary  Increase in DNA breaks in HL-60 cells with the 1800 MHz (GSM) signal
Details - Project ID 556
Lab CRSSA, France
Study Design  2450 MHz (CW) exposure to Salmonella typhymurium and analysis of mutation rate
Summary  No effects on back mutation rate at the his (-/-) locus

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