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Criteria: Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Type=Epidemiology,Study Subtype=Cohort Cancer Study,Status=Ongoing

Details - Project ID 764
Lab University of Bristol, England
Study Design  900, 1800 MHz (GSM) base station exposure to residents and correlation with childhood cancer and leukemia
Summary  (ongoing)
Details - Project ID 891
Lab Imperial College School of Med, UK
Study Design  COSMOS - 900, 1800 MHz (NMT, GSM, W-CDMA) mobile phone use in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Great Britain and correlation with malignant tumors, heart disease, neuro-degenerative disease (Parkinson's disease, MS, ALS), eye and skin disease, and tinnitus
Summary  (ongoing)
Details - Project ID 1039
Lab Imperial College, UK
Study Design  450 MHz (Tetra) exposure to police and correlation with cancer incidence and brain function
Summary  (ongoing)
Details - Project ID 1102
Lab Austrian Research Center, Seibersdorf
Study Design  BASEXPO: 900, 1800 MHz (GSM) exposure to residents in Austria from base stations and correlation with health effects
Summary  (ongoing)
Details - Project ID 1135
Study Design  400 MHz (Tetra) exposure to UK police and correlation with health and cancer
Summary  Ongoing health monitoring of the UK Police force (n=100,000) over a 15 year period (Airwave health study)
Details - Project ID 1356
Lab Dankook University College of Medicine, Korea
Study Design  Crew members on ocean vessels exposed long-term to radar and other RF sources and correlations with cognitive function and cancer
Summary  RF Exposure from Radar in Ships and Ocean Crews
Details - Project ID 1614
Lab Univ Malay, Malaysia
Study Design  mobile phone use by children and assessment of perceived health concerns
Details - Project ID 1694
Lab Univ. Bern & Inst. Social Prev. Med, Univ. Basel,
Study Design  Mobile phone, base station and RF source exposure and analysis of various endpoints in a prospective cohort study

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