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Criteria: Study Type=Epidemiology,Freq Range=300 kHz - 300 GHz (RF/mmW/THz),Study Subtype=Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Circulation, and Respiratory Rate

View This Study - Citation No: 5267
Title ECG changes in factory workers exposed to 27.2 MHz radiofrequency radiation.
Reference Bioelectromagnetics. , Vol. 34, Pg. 285 - 290, 2013
Author(s) Chen Q., Xu G., Lang L., Huang H., Li T., et al. .
PubMed UID 23280584
Project ID 2299
View This Study - Citation No: 9125
Title Association between Self-Reported Mobile Phone Usage with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: Evidence from a Cross-Sectional Study.
Reference BMC Public Health., Vol. 22, Pg. 2031 - , 2022
Author(s) Amiri F., Moradinazar M., Moludi J., Pasdar Y., Shakiba E., et al. .
PubMed UID 36344963
Project ID 3125